Marxan is the most widely used decision support software for conservation planning globally. It's used in 184 countries to build marine and terrestrial conservation systems and is the global leader in conservation land and sea use planning software.

New software: marxanio and marxanui

marxanio is a web app. You can upload your datasets, run Marxan, edit parameters, run parameter tests, visualise output maps, figures, and tables, and publicly share your datasets.


marxanui is an R package with Marxan user interfaces for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can import your datasets, run Marxan, edit parameters, run parameter tests, and visualise output maps, figures, and tables.



Matt Watts is the webmaster.



Hugh Possingham is the big brains behind Marxan. He's the Chief Scientist for The Nature Conservancy, and a University of Queensland Professor and ARC Australian Laurate Fellow.

Ian Ball developed Marxan from it's inception until 2005 as a PhD student and Post Doc.

Matt Watts developed Marxan from October 2005 until July 2016.

The Marxan family of software has benefited from a number of contributors over the years. These collaborations have played an important role in informing and directing software development to ensure that Marxan is meeting the varying needs of its users.  

We extend our thanks to the following organisations for their contributions of funding or substantial inkind support to help develop Marxan:

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