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You can download C-Plan here.

The authors of C-Plan are Matt Watts and Bob Pressey. Please contact the authors for advice on using C-Plan.

C-Plan is a conservation decision support software that links with GIS to map options for achieving explicit conservation targets. It was developed by Matt Watts and Bob Pressey. It acts as a graphical user interface for Marxan and can generate Marxan datasets from C-Plan datasets. It interfaces with either ESRI ArcView 3 GIS or Zonae Cogito to act as the GIS GUI. It is compatible with all versions of Windows up to Windows 7.


Essential reading about C-Plan

The C-Plan conservation planning system: origons, applications, and possible futures

C-Plan conservation planning system: Applications, Articles and Publications


Conditions of Use

The C-Plan Conservation Planning System is free to download and use but it is supplied with no warranty and must be used at your own risk. We have been very careful and diligent in validating C-Plan, however it is not certified to be error free. The authors exclude all liability to any person using the software. 

You agree to inform the authors (Matt Watts and Bob Pressey) of any publications, applications for funding, funding acquired and all other applications associated with this software.

You agree to acknowledge the intellectual property of the authors (Matt Watts and Bob Pressey) in all published work, applications and dealings with this software.

You should not distribute C-Plan to other people. Instead refer them to the C-Plan web site.

By downloading the software, you agree to these conditions of use. 

Download C-Plan


C-Plan Manuals

C-Plan User Manual 2005

C-Plan User Manual 2001

C-Plan Table Editor User Manual 2001

C-Plan Marxan Integration Manual


C-Plan Sample Dataset



Instructions on installing C-Plan (version 4)

 The installation of C-Plan is simplified over older versions.  Just run the C-Plan install set, then follow the instructions for installing Zonae Cogito. There is a link to the Zonae Cogito download on the C-Plan 4 download page.


Instructions on installing C-Plan (version 3.4)

 First, install the BDE (Borland Database Engine). Then install C-Plan. 

C-Plan needs ArcView3.X GIS for the map module to work. It will work without the ArcView GIS present, but there is no map display. 

If you are using ArcView, you may need to install cplan.avx into "C:\ESRI\AV_GIS30\ARCVIEW\EXT32\", the default install path for ArcView extensions.


Using C-Plan with Marxan

 To get C-Plan and Marxan to interact properly, you need to install marxan.exe and inedit.exe into "c:\marxan".

 To run C-Plan and Marxan together, see this guide;  CPlan Marxan Integration Manual

 To download Marxan, Click here.


Material from the SCB 2006 Meeting in San Jose

SCB 2006 Short Course 24th June 2006, Systematic conservation planning: applications of software.


C-Plan Material from the SCB 2005 Meeting in Brasilia

C-Plan Demonstrations SCB 2005 Brazil 
C-Plan demonstrations