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The global Marxan community has over 2,600 users from more than 110 countries and at least 1600 organizations across the world, including;

- 220 universities

- The United Nations


- All major conservation NGO's

- 50 government agencies


Community members can contribute to improving Marxan in the following ways:

Email List
To communicate with other Marxan users, sign up for Marxan email list.

Submit a Case Study
Let other Marxan users know about your Marxan project!

Report Problems or Share Ideas
If you have suggestions to help improve Marxan, please submit an idea or problem so we can make helpful changes to the software.

If you have encountered a problem and/or have a solution to a common problem, please submit a FAQ so we can add it to the website to assist other Marxan users.

Support Marxan R&D
Marxan community members support for current and future research and development projects can help increase the capabilities of Marxan.


Global density of Marxan users

Map of Marxan use throughout the world

Marxan at Work
Several Marxan courses have been held in Australia and abroad to introduce practitioners to the tool.

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