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Teaching & Learning
Teaching & Learning


What makes Marxan unique as a conservation planning tool is that it is embraced by a wide community of users.   Indeed, many of you have been closely involved in the development of support tools to assist with the uptake of Marxan in real world problems. One of the challenges facing new users is the need for support and guidance in generating input files and parameter setting, as well as opportunities for training. This new Teaching & Learning section is focused on creating more opportunities to support new and existing users of Marxan in the online environment.

Current initiatives underway include:

Marxan courses  

Online Tutorial

Marxan Tools and Tips

Methods for creating the boundary file.

Tips on using the Marxan clumping functionality.

Method for setting an efficient Boundary Length Modifier (BLM).


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Marxan at Work
The Boundary Length Modifier (BLM) allows you to control how much clustering will occur in your reserve. This example is from a project in Western Australia at Rottnest Island.

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