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How to Support R&D

Cooperation and collaboration amongst the many institutions that use Marxan allows the software to develop and be freely available.  Unfortunately, the level of funding covers just a tiny fraction of the true cost and future collaborations are needed to continue to support, maintain and advance the Marxan family of software. 

We are always interested to discuss opportunities and promote partnerships with organisations to support the ongoing development of Marxan.  Sponsorship can take a number of formats, for example PhD student grants and scholarships, joint funding of postdoctoral researchers, or hosting international workshops.

To inquire about how you might be a sponsor, please send an email to Hugh Possingham or phone +61 7 3365 9766.

For a list of possible projects, please visit Future R&D on this website.

We thank you for your interest in Marxan. 

Marxan at Work
Klein et al. (2008a) incorporate ecological and evolutionary processes into a conservation planning project for Australia.

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