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Getting Started
How to use Marxan

There are many resources available to assist new users acquire the basic skills and understanding to use Marxan:

Marxan should be used as part of a systematic conservation planning process (see Box 1). Actually running Marxan to generate conservation solutions will generally be the quick part of the conservation planning exercise. When used as part of a systematic conservation plan, Marxan can contribute towards a transparent, inclusive and defensible decision making process.  

Remember that Marxan is a decision support tool to help guide the selection of conservation networks; its output should never be interpreted as ‘the answer’. In most cases there will be many good solutions to the problem at hand – a positive attribute as it provides flexibility in planning and stakeholder negotiations. 

Marxan at Work
The Nature Conservancy used Marxan to create this prioritization of marine conservation zones in Kimbe Bay, Papua New Guinea.

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