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Please report all problems to Matt Watts so I can have an opportunity to fix them.

Duplicate servers

Duplicate servers are provided for redundancy and improved performance.

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The duplicate servers don't currently share user accounts or data with or with each other.

If you want to use the duplicate servers, you need to register on them and upload data to them.


You're welcome to run jobs on the duplicate servers and the main server simultaneously to do your analysis faster.

Please don't start more than one instance of 'Run Marxan', 'Parameter testing' or 'Run MarZone' simultaneously on a single server. This saturates the system for all users and could result in a ban.

Please don't press the 'Run' button in 'Run Marxan', 'Parameter testing' or 'Run MarZone' again until your runs finish. This saturates the system for all users and could result in a ban.

Usage monitors

Sample datasets

You can use the sample datasets with If your own dataset doesn't work, look at the sample data to see how it's formatted.

From the introduction to Marxan course

MPA activity

Tasmania activity (included in your account by default)

From the Rottnest Island and Cockburn Sound course


Rottnest Island scenario 1

Rottnest Island scenario 3

Cockburn Sound scenario 1

Cockburn Sound scenario 2


Rottnest Island scenario 4 (included in your account by default)

Rottnest Island scenario 5

Cockburn Sound scenario 3

Cockburn Sound scenario 4

Cockburn Sound scenario 5

Cockburn Sound scenario 6

Cockburn Sound scenario 7

Cockburn Sound scenario 8

Public datasets

Users of can choose to share their datasets publicly.

You can browse and download datasets users have shared publicly on with this app:

Public datasets

Open source

You can find the open source code for the app here: on GitHub

It is released as open source under the AGPLv3GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE VERSION 3